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Holiday Gift Ideas

Stuck for ideas? We have a wide range of gift options from statuary to gift ware and clothing
  • Mixed Bouquet
    Mixed Flower Bouquet
  • Bamboo Water Spout Fountain Kit
    Bamboo Water Spout and Pump Fountain Kit
  • English Bay Cookie Dough
    English Bay Cookie Dough
  • Britt's Knits Socks
    Britt's Knits Socks
  • Back To Earth Pain Be Gone
  • Fairy Garden Collection
    Fairy Garden Collection
  • Red Ponsettia
    8" Poinsettia
  • Red Ponsettia
    Florist Grade Poinsettia
  • Snoozies
  • Beaver Bark
    Dam Good Beaver Bark
  • Guitar Musician Frog
    Guitar Musician Frog
  • Himalayan Salt Lamp
    Himalayan Salt Lamps
  • Holiday Planter 1
    Decorative Christmas Planters
  • Papillion Velvet Floral Print Sweater Dress SD 9472
    Papillion Velvet Floral Print Sweater Dress
  • Roman Octagonal Top Bird Bath
    Roman Octagonal Top Bird Bath
  • Majesty Palm -Areca
    Areca or Majesty Palm
  • Village Green Collection Green Barn Birdhouse
  • Lightbulb Glass Terrarium
  • Cellar Candy Wine gums
    Cellar Candy Real Wine Gums
  • Japanese Kobe Lantern T House
    Japanese Kobe Lantern T House
  • Red Christmas Cactus
    Christmas Cactus
  • Charlie Paige Checkered Shawl Cardigan
    Charlie Paige Checkered Shawl Cardigan

Featured Fresh Produce

We started out in produce 57 years ago, so you know we only have the best quality produce available
  • Mandarin Oranges
    $3.99 5lb
    Less acidic than other oranges and sweeter
    Chinese Mandarin Oranges
  • Broccoli Crowns
    $1.49 lb
    Great in a stir fry
    Broccoli Crowns
  • McIntosh Mac Apple
    $0.49 1 lb
    Delicious as an eating apple with a  crispy texture and...
    BC Grown McIntosh Mac Apple
  • Salish Apple
    $0.39 lb
    Tangy, juicy, and very crisp
    BC Grown Salish Apple
  • Russet Potatoes
    $3.88 10lb
    Excellent for baking, mashing and frying.
    BC Grown Russet Potatoes
  • $5.00 /2
    Healthy and fresh.
    Organic Cauliflower
  • organic Carrots
    $3.88 5lb
    Great for soup
    BC Grown Carrots
  • Yellow Onions
    $1.49 3 lb
    Add excellent flavour to food, raw or cooked
    Local Grown Yellow Onions

Advice & Help

Let our garden, produce, deli and florist experts help you with all your produce, home and garden needs.

  • Red Delicious Apples
    Red Delicious Apples
  • Pink Lady
    Pink Lady Apples
  • Bring in your Tropical Plants
    Top 10 Garden activities for October
  • Mason Blue Orchard Bees
    Mason Blue Orchard Bees: 10 Beekeeping T...
  • Greater Vernon Chanber 2017 Award
    Swan Lake Nurseryland takes Top Prize in...
  • Grow Your Own Berries
    Grow your own berries
  • Time-to-think-about-seeds
    Grow your Own - It’s Time to Think About...
  • know What you are eating - Grow Your Own...
    know what you are eating, grow your own
  • Sowing Seeds
    Gardener’s Planting Calendar - Winter
  • Vegetables
    Vegetable Planting Chart
  • Herbs
    Herb Planting Chart
  • Crop Planting
    Crop Planting Chart
  • Our Favourite Local Grown Squash
  • 10 ways to get your garden ready for fal...
  • tomatoes ready for freezing
    Freezing Tomatoes - with or without thei...
  • Canning 101
  • The Science Behind Heat Processing
  • Freestone Peaches
    Canning Peaches
  • Frozen Cherries
    7 steps to freezing cherries
  • Pesticide Spray
    Pesticide Regulations
  • Fieldstone Organics KOMO-FIDIBUS
    Fieldstone Organics
  • Garden Hose
    Guide to choosing a Garden Hose
  • Equipments and Tools Category
    5 Essential Garden Tools
  • The Hottest New Weddings Trends for 2016
  • How to look after your Bouquet and Flowe...
  • Don't Just Stand There! Plants Something BC
    Plant Something BC
  • How To Choose the Right Fertilizer
  • Top 5 Perennials for 2016

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