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  • Local
    Yellow onions
    $3.99  10 lb
    Yellow Onions
  • Nurseryland Organic Fish Soil
    A rich organic media suitable for all trees, shrubs, and even bedding and veggie plants.
    $38.97 $30.00  for 3 50 ltr bags
    Nurseryland Organic Fish Soil
  • Bi-Coloured Corn
    80% yellow kernels speckled with 20% white kernels
    $2.99  /4
    Bi-Coloured Corn
  • Smaragd Cedar
    Tight, pyramidal, evergreen spires work well as a hedge
    $6.99$29.99  1 gal to 6ft
    Smaragd Cedar

Advice & Help

Let our garden, produce, deli and florist experts help you with all your produce, home and garden needs.

  • Time-to-think-about-seeds
    Before you rush out and buy your seeds, there are a few things you need to know!
    Grow your Own - It’s Time to Think About...
  • know What you are eating - Grow Your Own...
    Those who have tasted a summer tomato sun-sweetened on the vine or a crisp cucumber plucked from under the...
    know what you are eating, grow your own
  • Sowing Seeds
    Ah, a whole year of gardening is ahead of us. January is the best time to pause, reflect and...
    Gardener’s Planting Calendar - Winter
  • Vegetables
    Vegetable planting chart for British Columbia
    Vegetable Planting Chart
  • Herbs
    Herb Planting Chart for British Columbia
    Herb Planting Chart
  • Crop Planting
    Crop Planting Chart for British Columbia
    Crop Planting Chart

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