Our 10 Tips for Summer Planting Success, challenges popular belief about planting during the months of July and August. By planting container grown perennials, trees and shrubs your garden can look stunning over summer.

Not only do these container (potted) plants have well developed root systems that help them become better established in their new planting environment, they provided instant colour and reward to any garden.

Summer Planting Tips with Kirk

10 Tips

  • 1. Choose your perennial, tree or shrub container plant
    Select a container grown perennial, trees and shrubs from our huge range in store
  • Lady digging hole larger than container
    2. Dig a hole larger than the container
    Pre-dig planting holes larger than the size of the pot, twice the diameter of the container and another ¼" to ½" as deep
  • Pre water hole for container
    3. Pre fill the hole with water
    Fill the planting holes with water and let them drain, saturating the soils.
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