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Plant now for fresh Spring Blooms

  • Mixed Crocus
    Large flowering crocus mixed colours are a favourite bl...
    Large Flowering Crocus Mixed
  • Feathered Fascination Tulips
    Frilly, silly fun!
    Feathered Fascination Tulips
  • Rainbow Mix Tulips
    Plant Rainbow Mix Tulips and watch it grow! Excellent f...
    Rainbow Mix Tulips
  • A warm toned, sweet scented pairing of double late (peo...
    Joyful Hearts
  • Hello Spring Daffodils
    Fragrant daffodils in shades orange, yellow and creamy ...
    Hello Spring Daffodils
  • Muscari Blue Hyacinth
    Hardy, deer-resistant bulbs
    Muscari Blue Hyacinth
  • Allium Giganteum Onion
    Featuring big round heads of mauve-purple flowers
    Allium Giganteum Onion
  • Garlic Bulbs
    Love Garlic? or never tried it? We have 13 different va...
    Canadian Grown Garlic Bulbs
  • Bobbex Deer Repellent
    Protect your plants from hungry herbivores.
    Bobbex Deer Repellent
  • Ballroom Blitz
    Dramatic, vibrant
    Ballroom Blitz
  • Tet a Tet Narcissus
    Shunned by hungry deer and voles.
    Tet A Tete Narcissi
  • Snowdrops Galantius
    First sign that Spring is on its way.
    Snowdrops Single Galanthus
  • Love at First Blush
    Great for cut flowers.
    Love at First Blush Tulips
  • Sweet English Rose
    Double tulips resemble peonies or roses
    Sweet English Rose Tulips
  • Pep Talk Double Peony Tulip
    Double tulips resemble peonies or roses.
    Peptalk Double Peony Tulip
  • Emperor Mix Tulips
    Combines well with early-flowering daffodils .
    Emperor Mix Tulips
  • Lizzy Mini Botanical Tulips
    Vivacious cardinal red blooms
    Lizzi Mini Botanical Tulips
  • Queens Delight Narcissus
    Frilly, pink cup set against pure white petals.
    Queens Delight Narcissus
  • Garden Solutions Shades of Blue
    Ideal for containers and flower beds.
    Garden Solutions Shades Of Blue
  • Garden Solutions Deer Resistant Allium
    Ideal for containers and flower beds.
    Garden Solutions Deer Resistant Allium
  • King Alfred Daffodil Bulbs
    Cheery spring favorite.
    King Alfred Daffodil Bulbs
  • Mixed Narcissus
    Cheerful blend of narcissus to brighten your garden
    Mixed Narcissi
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