1. Always uses a clean vase and quality water. – One of the largest deterrents to fresh cut flower life is bacterial.
  2. Always use warm (100 – 110 degree) clean water
  3. Always use the fresh flower food provided.
  4. Always re-cut your flowers initially.
  5. Always remove the leaves below the water line.
  6. Always check the water daily and top it up.
  7. Remove any flowers that with time look less than pristine, as this will keep the remaining flowers looking fresh.


  1. Never use a “home made” substitute for flower food such as aspirin, soda pop, or bleach.
  2. Never remove all foliage from the stem
  3. Never place your flowers with or near fresh fruit or cigarette smoke as both produce ethylene gas which will shorten flower life.
  4. Never place flowers in direct sunlight, near a heat register, or near any other source of excessive heat.
  5. Never use flower food in crystal or metal containers as the acid in the flower food will react with metal (including the lead in crystal)

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