On June 1st 2016  the new, Ministry of Environment Integrated Pest Management Regulation under the Integrated Pest Management Act comes into force. The changes cover the sale and cosmetic use of pesticides,

Swan Lake Nurseryland are committed to ensuring our customers receive the best advice in selecting pesticides for their home and garden. We have a number of specialist, regularly trained, who can advise you on the new regulations. If you have any questions our trained specialist will be happy to help.

Key points include:

  • The use of pesticides in landscaped areas on private land now requires a licence or certificate.
  • Landscaped areas include lawns, flower beds and ornamental trees and plants.
  • Residents can obtain a Residential Applicator Certificate (RAC) to use Domestic class pesticides on their property.
  • Residents can obtain a RAC through a free online course and exam.
  • Residents can apply pesticides listed on Schedules 2 and 5 without a RAC.
  • Service companies and landlords are required to notify residents about landscape pesticide treatments.
  • Stores are required to restrict customer access to most pesticides.
  • Certified dispensers must discuss the proposed pesticide use with customers before purchase and confirm it is appropriate.
  • The changes to the IPMR do not override any municipal bylaws regarding landscape pesticide use.
  • The new requirements come into force on July 1, 2016.

The objectives of the amendments are to ensure that:

  • Pesticides will be used by people with knowledge and training;
  • Pesticides will be used as part of an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) process; and
  • Public interaction with pesticide vendors at the point of sale will increase.

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