Local Grown Bartlett Pears

Excellent canned.


Okanagan Local Grown Bartlett Pears are the most versatile and most commonly found pear fruit. They are excellent canned, fresh, and in salads and pear desserts.

The flesh of a Bartlett is juicy and sweet with a smooth texture, making them ideal for eating fresh. Bartlett pears are are extremely aromatic pears, and have that distinct “pear flavor”.

Bartlett’s are very commonly used for canning because they keep their flavor even after heating, and will hold their shape well when baked or poached. Try a sliced Bartlett in a garden green salad with your favourite dressing. Or, simply serve a freshly sliced Bartlett with cheese for an appetizing snack.

When choosing a Bartlett pear look for one that is bright and fresh looking with no bruises or external damage. It will change colour as it ripens. Yellow Bartlett’s turn from light green to golden yellow. In the Okanagan Bartlett pears mature beginning the end of August and are available through December.

The pear is actually a member of the rose family, and a cousin to the apple, and is one of the oldest fruits known to man.

They are thought to have originated is China or Asia, and migrated to North America with colonists in the early 1700’s, and are also one of the first fruits to be brought to North America from Europe.

As one of the few fruits that do not mature well if allowed to ripen on the tree, pears are usually picked before they are ripe, and are a later harvest fruit in the Okanagan British Columbia.


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