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A taste of the tropics! Calamondin Trees are a cross between a mandarin orange and a kumquat, this productive tree yields small fruit, similar to traditional oranges but with a zestier flavor. Like the kumquat, the fruit’s peel is sweet/tart while the flesh is tangy – often eaten whole, or used in chutney, marmalade, and as a substitute for limes. Juice is favored in beverages and desserts. Tree has ornamental appeal and fragrant flowers. May bloom again while fruit still remains on the tree, allowing for different harvest intervals. Heat-tolerant.

Dwarf varieties are well-suited to containers, allowing gardeners everywhere to enjoy the benefits of homegrown citrus trees, including glossy evergreen foliage, intoxicating floral fragrance and the ultimate payoff: plucking fresh fruit from your tree.

Citrus trees thrive with eight hours of sunlight daily. Indoors, if you don’t have a sufficiently sunny south or southwest exposure


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