Destiny Grow Kit System


Destiny Home Grow Kit is an all-organic, environmentally friendly specialized microbiological growing system.

Featuring Dark Matter soil as a base the kit includes a harmonising water conditioner and microbial tea that work together to encourage macro and micro-nutrients for optimum plant growth.

Everything you need to grow four exceptional plants through nurturing the Soil Food Web.

The Destiny Home Grow Kit is simple to use:

  1. fill 3 gallon pots with Dark Matter pre-fertilized super soil
  2. plant seeds or herbs directly in soil
  3. add Amplify water conditioner weekly
  4. apply G-Force folier spray weekly during first 3 weeks of flowering
  5. add Ignition A microbial tea blend to water during weeks 2, 4 and 5 of flowering stage
  6. apply Launch flower-boosting top dress in weeks 1 and 3

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