Feed The Pollinators Mid Late Spring

Ideal for attracting pollinators from bees to moths and butterflies.


Feed The Pollinators mid to late spring flowering bulb mix. Florissa’s includes flowering bulbs to ensure there’s something in the garden for every pollinator from bees to moths and butterflies.

Included in this collection is:

Allium Purple Sensation’s . Growing 90 cm (36”) tall, these ultraviolet flowering globe’s add vertical structure and whimsy to the garden.

Allium Graceful Beauty has 8 cm (3”) pristine white flower heads with lavender stamens and purple anthers.

Windflowers, or Anemone de Caen Gem Mix showcases poppy-like flowers in deep shades of royal blue, magenta, and crimson red. Flowering three to four weeks in the garden from late spring to early summer, these dark centered blooms attract honeybees and other pollinating insects.

Tulip ‘Purple Doll,’ a late spring tulip with pointed deep purple petals and intense green flames. Long-lasting in the garden, this tulip takes on a gorgeous lily flowering form.

Hardy to Zone 3.

Additional information

Dimensions15-60 cm






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