Japanese Maple


Japanese maple trees add grace and beauty through the seasons and are one of the most sought after plants for a property. Their striking texture, unique form, and beautiful colouring can’t help but add value to your landscape.

When you are growing Japanese maples, the trees need a location with full sun or partial shade, nevertheless, planting a Japanese maple in full sun may result in scorched leaf margins on young, especially in hot climates. You’ll see less scorching as the tree ages. In addition, growing Japanese maples in a location with more exposure to bright sunlight leads to more intense fall colour. The trees grow well in almost any type of well-drained soil.

Japanese maple care is easy. Caring for them in summer is mainly a matter of providing enough water to prevent stress. Water the tree deeply in the absence of rain. Apply the water to the root zone slowly so that the soil can absorb as much water as possible. Stop when the water begins to run off. Cut back on the amount of water in late summer to intensify the fall colour.
Adding a 3-inch layer of mulch helps the soil retain moisture and inhibits the growth of weeds. Pull the mulch back a few inches from the trunk to prevent rot. Any heavy pruning should be performed in late winter before the leaf buds begin to open. Cut out scraggly interior twigs and branches but leave the structural branches as they are. You can make small, corrective cuts any time of year. With such easy care and beauty, nothing is more rewarding than planting a Japanese maple in the landscape.


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