Green Kale


Thriving even in frost, kale is an easy-to-grow superfood green that keeps on giving: cut the smaller, paler green leaves to anchor or mix into fresh garden salad; use the larger, dark greens for stir-fries, pizza topping, or soup, while the plant keeps right on growing.

Kale: a superfood!

If vitamins could be packaged and labeled as such, they would look very much like kale. Vitamins offered by just one cup of this veggie can trump a whole week’s worth of other foods: 684% of the daily value of vitamin K, 206% of the suggested daily amount of vitamin A, and 134% of vitamin C (and even more vitamin C in the Scottish curly-leaf variety).

It aids in DNA cell repair, while at the same time slowing the growth of cancer cells. With its sulforaphane content, it protects against prostate and colon cancers and has properties, that studies show, can ease lung congestion, and is beneficial to your stomach, liver, and immune system.

Kale has been compared to beef, which is known as a “go-to” food for iron, protein, and calcium. It’s anti-inflammatory capabilities are unrivaled among leafy greens, especially relating to the prevention and even reversal of arthritis, heart disease, and several autoimmune diseases.

One serving of kale contains 121 milligrams of omega-3 fatty acids and 92.4 milligrams of omega-6 fatty acids.

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