Local BC Grown Peaches from the Okanagan are renowned for its sweet, succulent, summer peaches and is simply one of the best reasons we love living in this beautiful part of British Columbia!

Selecting Peaches

  • Select yellow peaches with a healthy blush.
  • Let your nose be your guide. Peaches are a member of the rose family and their fragrant aroma tells you which ones to choose.
  • Peaches are picked when mature, and continue to ripen when brought to warmer temperatures. If you want to ripen them more fully, place them in a brown paper bag and fold closed. Keep at room temperature and check them daily, as they ripen quickly.
  • A ripe peach will “give” a little with gentle pressure, but they are a delicate fruit so handle carefully to avoid bruising them.
  • To prepare for immediate use, cut the peach lengthwise and gently twist the two halves apart to expose the pit.

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