Local Grown Radish



Picked at their height of freshness and flavour, B.C. local grown radishes should be a staple item in your kitchen.
Radish Benefits:

Naturally cooling: Radishes are a naturally cooling food and their pungent flavour is highly regarded in eastern medicine for the ability to decrease excess heat in the body that can build up during the warmer months.

Aids digestion: Radishes are a natural cleansing agent for the digestive system, helping to break down and eliminate stagnant food and toxins built up over time.

Prevents viral infections: Because of their high vitamin C content and natural cleansing effects, regular consumption of radishes can help prevent viral infections.

Relieves indigestion: Radishes have a calming effect on the digestive system and can help relieve bloating and indigestion.

Low in calories, high in nutrients: With a very low calorie count, less than 20 calories in an entire cup, radishes are a great way to add nutrients, fibre and tons of flavour to your meals without compromising your health.

Keeps you hydrated: With a high-water content and lots of vitamin C as well as phosphorus and zinc, radishes are a nourishing food for the tissues and can help keep your body hydrated and your skin looking fresh and healthy all summer long!


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