One of the basic facts about Local Grown Red Watermelon from BC is that they can be challenging to grow well here in south coastal BC. But with a bit of added heat they can be very productive. Melons picked fresh from the vine are unbelievably sweet and, like so many other kinds of garden produce, are nothing at all like the ones you might find in a big grocery store. The flavour and sugar content of fresh melons are positively mind-blowing, and make the effort to grow them very worth while.

Choose the best

Ripe melons should sound hollow when shaken or slapped, and feel heavy for their size. The rind should be dull and shouldn’t give much when pressed. Look for symmetrical melons and avoid those with cracked, spoted or bruised rinds. As they’re often so big, melons are frequently sold halved or quartered, as well as whole. If buying cut melon, look for brightly coloured flesh and black (rather than small white) seeds. Avoid flesh that looks dry or grainy. Green-skinned, red-fleshed watermelons are the most commonly available, but you can also find golden watermelons, which have a bright yellow flesh, though their flavour can be insipid.

Prepare it

Cut in half whichever way you like, then scoop out the seeds, together with any fibrous bits, with a spoon, then slice into wedges.

Store it

If you can fit it in, keep watermelon in the fridge – it should last for up to a week. Otherwise, keep it in the coolest place that you can find. Cut watermelon should always be stored in the fridge, wrapped in clingfilm. Eat within 2-3 days.

Cook it

Watermelon is great cut into wedges; chopped and add to fruit salads; with feta and mint for a sour/sweet salad. Juice



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