Local Grown Salish Apple



The BC Local Grown Salish Apples are medium-sized with a pinkish-red blush over a yellow background. It is a fairly round apple with a wide, rounded bottom and broad shoulders. The white flesh is crisp and juicy, with a tangy taste

Salish apples were developed in British Columbia by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC) scientists in partnership with the Okanagan Plant Improvement Corporation. The Salish apple is the result of a 31-year process (begun in 1981), which originated with 800 unique cross breed varieties that all contained genes from the two parent apples. This Canadian apple is a cross between a Splendour apple, selected for heartiness, and a Gala apple, selected for texture and taste. The apple was bred not only for the consumer, for taste, appearance, flavor and shelf life, but also for the grower, for its late harvest date, high yields and storage qualities

Salish originated from a cross of Splendour and Gala made in 1981 at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada™s breeding program in Summerland. It is a bicoloured, medium-sized apple with thin skin. It is crisp, juicy, and firm, and has a tangy and aromatic flavor. It matures in late October in British Columbia and has a six-month storage life.

Taste: Crisp, Sweet,
Flesh: Tangy
Best For: Snacking
and Baking


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