Sunrise Apples


Local Grown Sunrise Apples from the Okanagan are medium to large size with a pale-yellow background and bright red stripes that covers over half of the apple. Taking a bite into this crisp and juicy apple exposes the cream colour flesh and offers a refreshing summer flavour. Early Apple varieties can have difficulty producing flavour but the sunrise has a pleasant balance of sweet and sharp and for such an early apple, is incredibly juicy.

The apple was developed at the Summerland Research Station, in the Okanagan, BC Canada created from crossing the traditional McIntosh and flavourful Golden Delicious. After being introduced in the early 1990’s, the Sunrise apple has now grown in popularity and is our first eating apple of the season.

The Sunrise can keep for about 2 weeks in the fridge (which is better than most early varieties). It can be used in baking and applesauce, many recommend this apple for drying apple chips, but we enjoy simply eating it fresh!

The Sunrise is ready for Harvest in early August and is the first summer eating apple harvested..


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