Fieldstone Organic Spelt


Fieldstone Organic Spelt grown right here in the Okanagan.

An Ancient grain Native to southern Europe, Spelt has been used for millenniums. Very popular due to its mild nutty flavor and high digestibility, Spelt lends itself well to complex flavors and a myriad of delicious dishes.

How to Enjoy

Whole grains should be well rinsed and drained before using.

  • Mill into whole grain flour that is excellent for making artisan bread, bagels, pizza dough, pretzels, crackers, pancakes, waffles, and a variety of yeasted baked goods. Spelt makes a robust bread that has a smooth flavor and texture. See our Mills and Flakers.
  • Sprout whole grains after rinsing well and sprinkle on salads, sandwiches, and juice into smoothies.
  • Flake and add boiled water for a fresh porridge. Enjoy with fresh fruit and yogurt. Or use it in your favorite fruit crisp topping, muesli, granola or dessert bars. See our Mills and Flakers.
  • Consume grains raw as a breakfast cereal by soaking grains overnight or 10-12 hrs in the refrigerator. This has the added benefit of activating the seed enzymes, making the grain more digestible and nutritious. Remember to rinse well before soaking.
  • Boil or pressure cook grains whole for a delightful, chewy, completely satisfying and versatile rice substitute. Use wheat berries to make soups, salads, risottos and fillings.

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