Planting pansies in flower beds, en-masse or in your mixed container gardens is rewarding for fall and early spring colour. The new and improved varieties of pansies can endure the cold wet winter days with some varieties now able to handle temperatures as low as -20 C. However, as strong these mighty plants are, there are a few tricks to having great success with your Pansies and Violas.

Follow these simple steps be the envy of the neighbourhood with your colourful winter gardens.

Pansies Location

If you plan on planting your pansies in your flower beds, it is best to plant them in raised beds. Pansies require lots of light and will do best in a south facing location where they can get the most available light. Planting in areas that are shady will limit amounts of flowers, delay flowering time and can also lead your plants to deteriorate. Planting Pansies in container gardens is easy. You don’t have to worry about drainage if your pots are able to weep freely. Pots also allow for you to get the wonderful colours closer to your entryways or windows. Not to mention that the selection of colourful pots you can get that you can use to contrast your Pansies and give a vibrant look.


Use soil that allows for good drainage. Add some fresh compost to give your plants nourishment when freshly planted and through the winter. Finally, add an inch of black composted mulch to help protect from a deep frost. Black compost gives your flower beds or containers a real clean look and will brighten up the colours in your container or flower beds.

Best time to plant

A good rule is to plant my Pansies before Thanksgiving. At this time, the ground is still warm. A warm bed will help your plants roots get rooted into the soil which will give you huge success in plant quality. Planting later than Thanksgiving you may risk some plant losses. Sometimes we can have wonderful September weather and are not ready to take out our summer annuals, but to ensure success with Pansies, you must get them in the ground on time.


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