Pansies tend to be a great window box plant and make an excellent cool-weather window box tenant.

Here are three things to keep in mind about window boxes:

  • Window boxes can offer protection from the elements: Frost, harsh mid-day sun, hail or hard freeze are less of a problem because window boxes are often sheltered by a building’s overhang or eves. (Pansies have delicate foliage and flowers and appreciate being sheltered from the elements.)
  • Small containers dry out quickly: Window boxes are often shallow containers, so soil can dry out quickly and won’t accommodate plants with deep or extensive root systems. Choose plants that can withstand dry soil and have shallow roots. (Pansies have shallow roots, and they’re relatively forgiving if you forget to water them for a day or two.)
  • Some window boxes don’t have drain holes, so notice if yours has them when you’re getting ready to plant. Drill bottom holes or be careful not to over-water. (Pansies will tolerate “damp feet” but you should still be careful not drown them or root rot, mildew and mites can become a problem.)

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