Yellow Onions


Spanish Onions are a globe shaped sweet yellow onion. They are richer and more pungent than most onions in both aroma and flavour. All cooked onions add flavours from tang to sweetness, and raw onions also offer a bit of a crunch!

Spanish onions are simply yellow onions that are grown in a low sulfur soil, reducing the intensity of their flavor and letting the sweet starch come through when cooking.

Spanish onions are extremely versatile and work well both raw and cooked. These onions are quite large and low in sulfur, so the odor so commonly associated with raw onions in a salad or on a sandwich plate is not a concern.

However, Spanish onions are quite high in water, so they will and lose their crunch as they warm up. If possible, serve them on a chilled relish plate or in a cold salad bowl for best effect.


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