Unlike sprouts, which are grown in water, West Coast Seeds Microgreens are grown in soil, and harvested when the first pair of true leaves have emerged. The whole plant is used, roots and all. Colourful and full of flavour, these baby plants can be used as you would sprouts – in sandwiches, as garnishes or as a unique salad on their own. Just about any vegetable or herb seed can be used, too. Some of our favourites include radish, kale, pac choi, and kohrabi.

While sprouting seeds need to germinate quickly so the seeds don’t rot, micro-greens can be planted just like any other herb or vegetable seeds. That means that seeds with longer germination requirements can still be grown as micro-greens. Think of basil, carrots, spinach, and any other edible greens.

Micro-greens are great where space is a premium and can be grown indoors or out throughout the year in the correct conditions.

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