Wilson One Shot Wasp & Hornet Killer Aerosol


Wilson One Shot Wasp and Hornet Killer Aerosol controls wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets. The Jet-stream spray pattern reaches 2.5 meters.  Fast knockdown with long-lasting action.

  • Effective contact and residual control of wasps, hornets, bees and yellow jackets.
  • Long jet spray allows safe distance operation (2-2.5 meters).
  • Ozone friendly; contains no CFC’s.
  • Contains d-Trans Allethrin 0.05%, n-Octyl bicycloheptene dicraboximide 0.25%, Permethrin 0.2%.
  • PCP Number 26201.
  • Net contents of can 400 grams
  • Approximate Weight: 1lb


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