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Only the best of the best apples are selected, hand-picked and given the Swan Lake Nurseryland seal of approval

Sweet with a pleasing Tartness

The Red Delicious is officially classed as a “sweet” apple, but it also has a certain pleasing tartness. Its flesh is highly flavoured, crisp and juicy when eaten raw.

Res Delicious Apple

Best Grown right here!

The vast majority of Red Delicious production takes place in the Washington and Okanagan regions, where the cooler autumn climate contributes towards the perfect deep red finish and distinctive conical appearance.

That darn pesky seedling!

Discovered in 1875 as a chance seedling growing on Jesse Hiatt’s farm in Peru, Iowa, it was first thought to be a nuisance. Only after Hiatt, let it grow and produce, what is to become the most iconic Apples of our time, did he realise its value.

What’s in a name?

In 1893, Hiatt sold the rights to the Stark Brothers Nursery and they renamed it Red Delicious. Today, the classic coke-bottle shape and colour of Red Delicious makes it one of the most well-known apple varieties in the world.

Things to Try with Red Delicious Apples from Swan Lake Nurseryland

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