Ornaments & Sculptures

Our exquisite collection of Garden Statues, Sculptures & Ornaments includes every style imaginable from Classic Garden Statuary to Contemporary Sculptures.

  • Bird Baths & Bird Houses

    Bird Baths & Bird Houses (6)

    Bird Baths & Bird Houses attract a wide range of bird species to your backyard. We have a wide variety of bird baths to choose from with a price range to suit all budgets.
  • Ornaments

    Ornaments (15)

    We have a wide range of classic and unique ornaments. All the metal and cast stone ornaments are weather proof or designed to age with the weather and will make an attractive addition and talking point to any garden.
  • Statuary

    Statuary (15)

    A large range of classical and contemporary statues and sculptures made of reconstituted stone, natural hand carved stone, marble and hand crafted cast iron. Garden statues that will create a great focal point in any space. Complete your home decor with a special timeless touch!
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