Bulbs & Rootstock
  • Produce Bulbs & Rootstock

    Produce Bulbs & Rootstock (11)

    Grow your own with our wide selection of Produce Bulbs & Rootstock. There is nothing like the taste of home grown fruits and vegetables on your table.
  • Crocosmia Bulbs

    Crocosmia Bulbs (1)

    Growing crocosmia bulbs in the landscape produces masses of sword-shaped foliage and brightly coloured blooms. Crocosmia's are members of the Iris family. Originally from South Africa, the name comes from the Greek words for “saffron” and “smell.” Crocosmia blooms are produced on slender stems of 2 feet or more in length. The flowers appear in May or June and the plant will keep producing all summer. Crocosmia flowers make excellent cut flowers for indoor arrangements.
  • Dahlia Bulbs

    Dahlia Bulbs (12)

    There's probably no plant in the flower kingdom that gives the gardener a more spectacular reward than the dahlia. Dahlias are a little like roses, or hostas, or even tomatoes. Most gardeners can't grow just one. Once you grow a Dahlia, you want more. And like roses, hostas, and tomatoes, there are seemingly endless dahlias to keep a Dahlia gardener happy. Growing them is remarkably easy, which only adds to the frenzy. If you've never…
  • Gladiolus Bulbs

    Gladiolus Bulbs (4)

    We offer Gladiolus Bulbs, also called "sword lilies, simple to grow and perfect for summer cut arrangements. Glads are also easy to divide and replant, making them a perfect flower for sharing with fellow gardeners!
  • Hosta Bulbs

    Hosta Bulbs (5)

    We offer a wide range of Hosta Bulbs, a hardy, herbaceous perennials/ The range of hosta foliage colour, shape, texture and size is extraordinary. Foliage colours include green, blue, white, gold and countless unique variegated combinations. Leaf shapes include circular, oval, heart and lance in both upright and symmetrical mounding habits. Leaf texture can be smooth, glossy, cupped, seer-suckered or rippled. Mature plant size ranges anywhere from 2" in height and 4" in width up…
  • Lily Bulbs

    Lily Bulbs (13)

    Lilies are excellent plants for beds and borders, suitable for use in a shrub border, as accent plants, a formal or naturalized pool planting. Even some of the small species would fit perfectly in an alpine rock garden. Although the lilies grown from seeds are more disease resistant, the only disadvantage with growing lilies from seeds is that the lily plants take a longer time to bloom, and maybe, in some cases, even take five…
  • Peony Bulbs

    Peony Bulbs (2)

    For cutting, fragrance, structure and foliage that looks fresh right up to, and through, the first few frosts, plant Peony Bulbs!. Peonies are not only some of Mother Nature's most stunning creations, they are exceptionally long lived plants making them outstanding investments in your garden's overall design. Give some thought to where you want them to be for the foreseeable future and then watch them fill out each year for the first four to five,…
  • Allium Bulbs

    Allium Bulbs (5)

    Alliums are often overlooked as one of the best bulbs for constant colour throughout the seasons. They are some of the most versatile bulbs for the spring and summer garden. Add interest to your landscape with our top varieties.
  • Crocus Bulbs

    Crocus Bulbs (4)

    Crocus Bulbs are easy to pop into the ground, inexpensive, happy to naturalize into large patches and available in shades from both the cold and warm side of the colour wheel. You can't make spring come any sooner than Mother Nature allows, but having crocuses ready to pop into bloom at the mere mention of warmer weather guarantees that you won't miss a moment of the upcoming gardening season.
  • Hyacinth Bulbs

    Hyacinth Bulbs (2)

    Plant hyacinth bulbs near where you will walk or sit come springtime. Pot up several handfuls. When the stems of colourful bells are just beginning to open, whisk the containers indoors. Then breath deeply. You've just grown your own home perfume. In many parts of the world hyacinths are coveted for their heady fragrance and grown for use in the production of perfumes. You may not choose to go into the fragrance business, but may…
  • Narcissi Bulbs

    Narcissi Bulbs (10)

    The Narcissi or daffodil as is it more commonly known, is one of the most recognizable perennial bulbs in the garden, and has been for centuries. The joy that these simple to grow bulbs can bring is no more prominent that in the poem entitled “I wandered lonely as a cloud” by William Wordsworth where he stumbled across "a host of golden Daffodils". The sight of Daffodil flowers dancing adds thoughts of joy and pleasure…
  • Tulip Bulbs

    Tulip Bulbs (29)

    Long live the tulip! You can buy tulip bulbs from us in virtually all colours, including a purple so deep that it looks black. By planting a selection of varieties of this perennial, you can enjoy their beauty from early spring through early summer. Tulips do best in areas with dry summers and cold winters. The brightly coloured, upright flowers may be single or double, and vary in shape from simple cups, bowls, and goblets…
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